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ZEN Sanctuary is San Diego's #1 Wellness Center for Massage, Skincare, Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs

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Welcome to Zen Sanctuary.

Zen Sanctuary is a collective of Health Professionals dedicated to serving your needs. When you arrive, your health professional maybe finishing with a session, so please feel free to have a seat in our outdoor waiting area until your therapist greets you.

For sessions using lotions, oils, or other spa products -- Please undress, place your clothes onto the hangers or chair per your preference, and lay on the table as instructed by your therapist or service provider.

For sessions that do not require you to remove clothing -- Please lay on the top sheet of the table or matt and situate your body as instructed by your Therapist or service provider.

After the session is over, please take a few moments to allow the work to sink in. Savor the new sensations. Gently get off the table, get dressed and when you are ready open the treatment room door. Your therapist will come in to review the work just completed, take care of rescheduling and payment. When you return to the reception area, please help yourself to water as well as make use of the restroom.


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