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You deserve to live a pain-free life. Tap into your body’s natural healing abilities, and allow yourself to move forward in life with a clearer mind and a more balanced state of well being. To help in attaining your goals, each acupuncture treatment has a thorough health assessment. Click HERE to print out the intake form and save time before our inital visit.

Zen Acupuncture

Initial Treatment $220 – 90 mins

Follow-up Visit $160 – 60 mins

This customized treatment will be tailored to your goals and needs, keeping your comfort and preferences in mind. Whether you’re looking to facilitate healing from physical pain, injury or a medical condition; or you’re in need of emotional wellness and deep relaxation, this in-depth assessment and personalized treatment will help bring the relief you need. Your first session will take 90 minutes to provide time to assess your health history and goals of treatment and to diagnose your pattern through Chinese Medicine. Progress and changes will be followed in each hour-long follow up session. To achieve a lasting change, weekly sessions are recommended in the early stages of care.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Treatment $220 – 90 mins

Our luxurious facial rejuvenation treatment will relax and soothe, while leaving your complexion looking fresh and radiant! This 90 minute session includes a relaxing full-body acupuncture treatment to facilitate increased circulation of qi, which will help you feel and look like a rested version of your best self! Micro needles are then applied to the face, focusing on your areas of concern. Each facial session includes a cleanse and mask, plus moisturizing facial massage, essential oils and optional Gua Sha to the face and neck to stimulate blood flow and collagen production. You’ll also enjoy an herbal foot soak followed by a hand and foot massage so that you’re nurtured and pampered head-to-toe.

Little Buddha Acupuncture

Initial Treatment $220 – 90 mins

Follow-up Visit $160 – 60 mins

Helps to support a healthy pregnancy and an uncomplicated delivery. Acupuncture can alleviate pregnancy related symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue, heartburn, water retention, back pain, and may also effectively help to induce labor in an overdue mother. Acupuncture can also relieve post-partum symptoms such as fatigue, depression, and insufficient lactation.

Other Treatments

Chi Cupping

Stand-Alone Treatment $160 – 60 min

Add-on to another service
$33 – 15 min
$60 – 30 min

Chi Cupping is widely used throughout the world as a way of removing or circulating areas of congestion and stagnation. In Chi Cupping, a partial vacuum is created with a handheld device and glass jars, which are then applied to the skin, drawing up the underlying tissues. In biomedical terms, it moves blood and waste congesting in the surface tissues and muscles, promoting normal circulation and increased metabolic processes. By resolving local areas of congestion, Chi Cupping is valuable in the treatment of pain, acute infectious illnesses, upper respiratory dysfunction, digestive issues, and numerous other chronic conditions.

Gua Sha

Stand-Alone Treatment $160 – 60 min

Add-on to another service
$33 – 15 min
$60 – 30 min

Gua Sha is a technique commonly used in Asia by practitioners of Traditional Medicine. With Gua Sha, the skin is pressured in strokes by a round-edged instrument. It is an excellent therapy for relieving muscle tension and resolving upper respiratory distress.


$33 add-on to another service – 15 min

Moxibustion is a therapy that uses the burning of Moxa (mugwart), which gives off a radiant heat that penetrates the body deeply. This makes moxa effective for deficient, cold and stagnant conditions. Like most things in nature, the chi (or energy) in our bodies reacts to cold by contracting and heat by expanding. Therefore cold chi has a tendency to contract, or stagnate, and warm chi has the tendency to expand, or flow smoothly. By warming the chi in the meridians with moxa, we help to build the chi and blood in the body, and improve circulation.


About our Acupuncturist Rayna

Rayna began her path as a healer over 10 years ago. Since that time, it’s become a lifestyle and a career. With training from The School of Healing Arts, Maui Academy of Healing Arts, and a Masters degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, in addition to many individual certificates and credentials from various programs and mentors, she’s developed a well rounded and eclectic style of treating.


What They Say

Today I saw¬†Rayna, for an acupuncture visit. my neck was a mess, and right before the TG holiday. This was a fantastic visit, and even though I didn’t think she would be able to get me relaxed this time of year, she certainly did. A wonderful experience which will bring me back again. Thank you!

Joann F.

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