Massage Base Prices:

30 min – $63
60 min – $120
90 min – $177
120 min – $233
150 min – $290
180 min – $347

Let Us Help You Decide

All of our therapists are trained in a variety of eastern and western modalities. To receive the best service, we suggest you allow your therapist to customize your treatment using their unique combination of various techniques to best address your individual goals. If you are seeking to treat a pain or mobility issue, choose Therapeutic Massage. If you want to relax and destress, choose Relaxation Massage.

Let Us Help You Decide

All of our therapists are trained in a variety of eastern and western modalities. To receive the best service, we suggest you allow your therapist to customize your treatment using their unique combination of various techniques to best address your individual goals. If you are seeking to treat a pain or mobility issue, choose Therapeutic Massage. If you want to relax and destress, choose Relaxation Massage.

Please note: click to book specifically with David Warder or Mellody Waurig.

Relaxation Massage

For Peaceful Enjoyment

This massage is the perfect way to relax completely and let your tension melt away. Your therapist will give attention to any areas you would like, but the overall focus of the session will be to soothe your muscles and coax your mind to drift into a state of zen. Our therapists each have their own tricks and training but a blend of modalities may include Swedish Massage, Lomi Lomi, Energy Healing, Passive Joint Movement, or others. Experience the gift of true relaxation! 


Therapeutic Massage

To Address a Specific Pain or Mobility Issue

When your goal is to address specific injuries or ailments, choose Therapeutic Massage. Your therapist will find out what your priorities are for the session. The techniques used will customize the treatment to best meet your goals. Your therapist may use modalities including Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofacial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Assisted Stretching, Structural Integration, etc. Let us help you make improvement! 


TEC Massage with David Warder

This service is for people who specifically want to work with David Warder. The treatment can be received on a table or mat. TEC represents the core of David’s work: That it is essentially

Therapeutic, with influences of
Eastern theory, and always
Client centered in the focus.

The treatment can be performed on the table with or without oil or on a mat on the floor while wearing light workout/yoga clothing. The goals of the session can be geared toward relaxation or with a more therapeutic intention or something in between. And finally the focus of the work can be targeted on only one or more trouble areas or spread out over the whole body. When you arrive for your session, you will be able to talk with David to figure out what type of work will be best suited to reach your goals. Finally, if the price feels like a barrier, for your first session you can talk with David about an introductory rate.

30 min – $117 | 60 min – $233 | 90 min – $350 | 120 min – $467


Restorative Massage with Mellody Waurig

This service is for people who want to work specifically with Mellody Waurig.


Deep Tissue

A blend of deep circulatory massage for those “who want to feel like they’ve gotten a massage”. An exploration and releasing of tight muscles is combined with deep circulatory strokes which can cover the whole body or just focus on areas in need.



Cupping is widely used throughout the world as a way of removing or circulating areas of congestion and stagnation. It is an excellent treatment for those who have recently contracted a cold or flu and for muscle tension throughout the body. In cupping, a partial vacuum is created with jars which are applied to the skin, drawing up the underlying tissues and blood stasis. This method has been very effective in treating consumptive and rheumatic diseases for centuries. Originally, cups were made of bamboo or animal horn until ceramic, iron and brass cups were developed. Today, cups made of glass or plastic are the most common.

30 min – $69 | 60 min – $132 | 90 min – $195


Lymphatic Drainage

Very light and nurturing skin-deep pressure that promotes 8-10 times faster lymph circulation. This treatment strengthens the health by supporting the immune system and helping the body fight foreign invaders, like bacterial and viral infections.
It reduces edema by helping drain excess fluids, rejuvenates the body by helping it to flush out toxins – which in turn reduces cellulite, acne breakouts, promotes faster recovery time from injuries, reduces stretch marks and restores healthy skin.
Excellent for pregnant women in their second and third trimester

30 min – $69 | 60 min – $132 | 90 min – $195


Little Buddha Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy massage for Mom and her little Budding Buddha. This treatment consists of gentle, soothing massage while the client sidelies and holds comfort pillows. This massage is designed to nurture mother and child, relieve lower back discomfort and fatigue, increase circulation, and reduce stress. Options: On Table or On Mat




Zen Warrior Sports Massage

East truly meets West in this combination of Western Medical Massage and Ancient Asian healing customized for each client’s specific needs. NMT, Sports, Deep Tissue, Passive Joint Movement and PNF Stretching all hail from modern Western medicine. For thousands of years, Shiatsu, Thai and Tui Na have been used to specifically address chronic pain cause by sports or other injuries. These modalities are combined for the greatest effect. 


Buddharom Essentials Aromatherapy

Soothing massage with rich healing, hand pressed oils, from herbs, roots, flowers and medicinal plants. A body massage that delights the senses and uses essential oils for stimulation, relaxation and detoxification. Designed to target specific areas of the body, whether it be an aching back, stiff neck or tight shoulders. 



Neuromuscular is a system of soft tissue manipulation techniques that balance the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and nerves) with the structure of the musculoskeletal system. NMT considers five principles that cause pain:

1. Postural distortion – muscular imbalance resulting from the body’s movement off the coronal, midsagittal, and horizontal planes in attempts to compensate for the pull of gravity.
2. Biomechanical dysfunction – musculoskeletal imbalance caused by habitual faulty movement or repetitive strain.
3. Soft Tissue causes of these patterns and presenting pain conditions – Ischemia – lack of blood flow to soft tissues which typically cause sensitivity to touch.
4. Trigger points – rapid firing of nerve impulses into areas of the body which may be far from the actual site of pain.
5. Nerve compression or entrapment – pressure on a nerve from bone, cartilage, or soft tissue. Nerve entrapment is the most common type of pain and always causes ischemia.


Take 10

Full leg compression boots: Encourages a reduction in general edema, relieves muscle tension, and diminishes the intensity of delayed onset muscle soreness after a challenging change in your workout routine. Option to add on a neck or back treatment during leg compression.

10 min – $20

Hara (Abdominal Massage)

Hara massage is the Japanese approach to abdominal massage. Many Eastern cultures have incorporated abdominal massage into their medical practices for thousands of years, and many medical systems in the West have discovered the importance of a healthy colon. Studies have shown that an unhealthy colon is the source of countless degenerative diseases, fatigue, digestive problems, and toxicity. Hara is used to encourage free flowing movement and activity in the digestive tract by alleviating tension, bloating or pain by clearing blockages in the bowels.

Mat Massage

Built on a foundation of Zen Shiatsu and Thai massage, Taisu uses the 12 major meridians and their elemental relationships as a map of the body. Then Deep tissue, Neuromuscular, Myofascial, and Sports massage are drawn on to address specific areas of imbalance. The session is performed while the client is wearing work-out/yoga clothes and lying on a mat. This allows for greater freedom to stretch and move the client’s body while the therapist massages with a combination of hands, elbows, knees and feet. The result is a deep, flowing, enlivening experience that treats the whole body and is an ideal balance to an active life-style.


Craniosacral Therapy

The craniosacral system (cranio means head and sacral refers to the area at the base of the spine) includes the brain and spinal cord. They are bathed in a craniosacral fluid that has a rhythmic pulse similar to blood pressure. 

The therapist senses the pulse with light pressure and looks for any subtle restrictions in the flow of craniosacral fluid. Restrictions are believed to be the cause of poor health, especially conditions related to the brain, spine, and nervous system. Craniosacral has been know to reduce migraines, headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and stress-related disorders.

Energy Healing/Reiki

Energy Healing is sometimes referred to as hands-on healing or healing work. Its purpose is to specifically address and help remove energy blocks in the physical body and energy field and help restore and promote harmonious energy flow. As science knows by now, all matter – including the physical body – is energy and the more harmoniously the energy flows throughout the body, the greater ease and well-being one experiences.

Reiki – While resting comfortably on a table, the Reiki practioner allows healing energy to flow from the Universal Source through the practioner to your body. The energy is directed to go where it can perform the necessary healing. Most people compare an hour of Reiki to several hours of rejuvenating sleep. Reiki can be used for general relaxation, emotional balancing, or to address specific physical, mental or emotional patterns.

30 min – $81 | 60 min – $153 | 90 min – $227 | 120 min – $299



Reflexology is the stimulation of foot reflex points promotes  improved circulation, reduces stress, and encourages healing.

30 min – $69 | 45 min – $100

Hot Stone

 Enjoy the benefits of grounding basalt stones gently warmed to help relax with penetrating heat. Hot stone massage incorporates warmed basalt stones with Swedish massage. Hot stone massage is not recommended for those who are pregnant or those with high or low blood pressure.

60 min – $147 | 90 min – $218

Structural Integration

This is very deep and powerful work which helps release long held patterns of tensions by realigning the body’s structure. This therapy greatly enahnces your physical well-being by improving postural balance as well as significantly improving your range of motion. Each session has its own set of unique goals and builds from the first session to the last. For this work to be complete, it requires a commitment of 10 weekly sessions in total. 


TMJ Treatment

Dental work, stress, clenching and misalignment are just some of the causes for trigger points in the temporomandibular joint aka TMJ. Muscle dysfunction in the jaw can cause a number of problems such as jaw pain, difficulty chewing, lock jaw and headaches. A TMJ massage focuses on the jaw and face muscles, the sternocleidomastoid aka SCM a front of the neck muscle, and inter oral muscles of the mouth, to relieve tension, pain and enhance mobility of the jaw. 

Neck Treatment

Neck pain is one of the most commonly complained about human ailments. If you have ever woke up after sleeping incorrectly, you can be debilitated for days. If you have ever been in a collision the consequences can be terribly worse.  Many serious yet common complaints are the result of myofascial trigger points or nerve impingement due to inflamed neck muscles. It is not uncommon to find significant relief from headaches, TMJ, arm numbness, vertigo, ear ringing, carpal tunnel and more from as little as even a single session.

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The Benefits of Massage

Touch is the purest form of communication. It does not need to be taught.  It crosses boundaries of race, language and religion.  It’s desire to be given and received is inherent in all people, and its intentions are understood clearly. 


What People are Saying

I normally don’t write reviews, but I really enjoyed my visit at Zen Sanctuary. I made an appointment last week for a massage and facial, both were excellent. Since then my skin has improved tremendously and both my neck and back feel so much better. Will definitely be coming back here more often. The staff was also super friendly and it made my experience 5 stars without a doubt

– L D.

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