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About The Owners: David and Leah Warder

David and Leah Warder met in 1996 in Irvine California. Both had single moms leaving less than optimal situations who decided to move to Irvine “the safest city in America”. Neighbors, they immediately noticed each other as they were both trouble makers who easily stood out. They quickly formed long lasting friendships as did the moms and they remained close friends despite moving to different places for college. 

In 2009 they both found themselves living in San Diego. David was unemployed taking a hiatus from his plumbing internship and Leah was bartending at the Waterfront. In efforts to save money David was renting a pill camper at a renegade circus in National City. 

Growing up they shared close family friends whose parents are the creators/owners of Healing Hands School of Holistic Health. Having both grown up with the influence and an affinity toward health and alternative healing it seemed only natural that they finally decided to enroll in massage school together. It helped that their good friend Jenny, also a HHS graduate, was already working in the field and saw their potential encouraging them to join the field. 

Fun fact, Leah introduced Jenny and Kyle and eventually ordained their wedding. Leah and Kyle met working at Trader Joe in Arizona in the early 2000’s. Jenny and Kyle, now married with two adorable rug rats of their own, are both talented massage therapists also working at Zen. 

During their massage training it became apparent that there was more to Leah and David’s relationship than just friendship. They quickly fell in love and soon after got married. 

When they were pregnant with their first daughter they started working at Zen. The then owner was looking to hand over the reins of the business and David and Leah took the opportunity and have been working and operating the business together since 2014.

Working together is not for every couple. However, these two love it. David is the brains and Leah the visionary. Their shared passion of helping clients live their best lives in their best bodies is what inspires them.

With the motto “work hard, play harder” David and Leah are full of adventure and aspiration. They enjoy food, music and travel. In their spare time they like to create, sweat and build things. Some of their accomplishments include organizing events, building things like zip lines and furniture and creating art. They also operate a 2 bedroom BNB in Normal Heights. Of course their greatest joy is their two talented and adorable girls. Already skilled in massage and healing amongst other things, their two girls are destined to do great things.