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Areola Restoration with Ann Von Gal

Licensed Permanent Makeup Artist

3-D Nipple Tattooing for Your Patients

3-dimensional nipple tattooing is a very specialized method of tattooing to restore a natural looking areola and nipple to both women and men who have experienced mastectomies, various breast surgeries, or may have faded or irregular Areola. Pigments are implanted into the skin to give the appearance of a dimensional nipple. Color and shading are used to give the nipple a full, 3-dimensional look. Color is blended to give a soft, beautiful and natural appearance.

As a specialized field, there are only a limited number of tattoo artists with the right kind of training, experience and compassion whom you should trust with your patients.

Ann von Gal Ann started her business as a way to help breast cancer survivors. She had been very involved in the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk. Her walking coach was a permanent makeup professional and trainer. Spending time with her, Ann realized her skills as a professional graphic designer and artist could be transferred towards permanent makeup–a craft she has come to love!  And while many of her clients utilize her services for eyeliner, eyebrows, and lips, she still provides areola restoration for breast cancer survivors.

Ann is a certified permanent cosmetic professional, a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, and exceeds all State of California requirements for licensing and blood-borne pathogens. She has had advanced training in nipple/areola complex restoration and updates her permanent cosmetic training on a continuing basis.

A typical procedure takes one to two hours and generally requires two visits. Patients may be referred to Ann’s studio in Solana Beach, or arrangements can be made for the procedure to be conducted at your office, if that is more comfortable for you and your patient. Free, no-obligation consultations are always available.

You may contact Ann at 858-699-5958. Make sure to also ask about brow creation and restoration for patients who have undergone chemotherapy.